About Tom and Vicki

Vicki and Tom were married on August 8, 1987 and have been blessed with 7 children here and 3 waiting for them in heaven.  Their 4 boys and 3 girls live with them or close by, still in the suburbs of Chicago.  Committed to the covenant they made on their wedding day, they have weathered the little storms that married life can bring.  But they weren’t quite prepared for the whopper that blew their way 17 years into their marriage when repressed memories of Vicki’s past sexual abuse began surfacing.  With their perseverance and faith, what could have destroyed their union, instead made their bond even stronger.  It is their desire to help other couples thrive through whatever storm blows their way.

Passionate about providing resources to other couples wanting strong marriages  they have authored “The Marriage Alphabet- Essential Elements Necessary for a Thriving Union,” which is available as an E-Book or in print.