A Day with the Dau’s

Spend a day in a casual atmosphere balancing work, play, serious, and humorous topics with a couple who has lived it. Your day begins at 8:30am and ends with dinner prepared by award-winning chefs.  9 hours that can make the rest of your days together the best they have ever been.

A Day with The Dau’s for Engaged Couples-
Perfect for couples who understand the wedding is but a day while the marriage lasts a lifetime, and want to equip themselves with tools and practical advice from a happily married couple (most of the time) since 1987.

A Day with The Dau’s for Married Couples-
Designed for “newly” married couples to get tips, insights and tools to keep that spark alive.

A Day with The Dau’s for Couples dealing with trauma of past sexual abuse- (Private, One-on-One exclusive event with Tom and Vicki)
When the unspeakable has happened to your wife in her past, but you still seem to be paying the price and dealing with the scars everyday of your marriage.  For husbands:  Learn how to understand what is going on with her and how to help.  For wives: Learn how to continue healing and how you can help your husband help you so you can leave behind the pain, suffering and triggers and your union can be strong and healthy.  During some sessions, husband and wife may separate for discussion and activities.