Tom and Vicki are currently available to speak about Protecting your Marriage Covenant, based on their book THE MARRIAGE ALPHABET: The A, B, C’s of building a strong union.

Vicki is also available to speak to Women’s Groups, Jr. High, High School, Confirmation groups and on Retreats about the following topics:

Your Body is a Barometer
How to identify and use your circumstances and what is going on with your body as a gauge to tell if you are on the right track of God’s plan of sheer goodness for you.

It’s the SAME Spirit!
Yep, it is!  The same exact spirit that came upon the apostles at Pentecost comes on us at our Confirmation!  Inspired by the literal warmth and closeness she felt at her own Confirmation is what motivates Vicki to teach and get fired up about what it means to be confirmed in the Catholic Church.  Educating. Motivating. Empowering. Energizing.

That doesn’t jive!
Journey through the questions and oxymorons Vicki has experienced, been challenged by and reconciled with, and still came out loving the Catholic Faith.

Get out of that river!
9 steps to identifying and being released from toxic situations, environments, beliefs or behaviors. Based on “Out of the River,” the parable of empowerment, freedom and truth.

Fix your surroundings, lower your stress!
Top 10 Stress-Busting Tips.

Sleep better, feel better, live your dreams!
10 tips for a great night’s sleep.

As Easy as 1-2-3:
3 Essential Components to organize your busy household and live in peace…most of the time anyway.