Workshops and Programs

Time for Just the Two of You-
Step by Step, 4 month Dating Program for strengthening marriages

Interactive half-day Workshops on the following topics:

Beat the Odds
Overcome past sexual abuse and create a thriving marriage. Of course it is not possible to do this completely in a few hours, however you will hear from a couple who lives this triumph everyday and be given tools, support and hope to take steps to create your own success story.

Get out of your murky river
9 steps to identifying and being released from toxic situations, environments, beliefs or behaviors.  Journey with others in solidarity and support as you become your own main character in your own version of the parable of empowerment, freedom and truth called “Out of the River.”

Discover the “Original” Medicine Cabinet
See and sample first hand the side-effect-free, simple, effective elements to tackle the everyday ailments your family encounters.  Also learn about the common misconceptions most families have and mistakes made regarding colds, fever and ear infections.